Posted by: alexiszehr | August 26, 2013

Uphills, downhills & a scrape on the knee – Stigningar, nedförsbackar & en scrape på knäet

Ride to school

Ride to school



Co pilot Madoc

The band aid

The band aid


Today was a Monday, not a typical “I don’t want to get out of bed Monday” but a Monday where routine feels nice and the week before us has so much potential. We were up with the birds, literally! Our new “Dream Machine” alarm clock has an alarm setting for chirping birds. I have to say that it was the best way to wake up. At home I love hearing the chickadees landing on the feeder and taking a few seeds and chirping away. I know Madoc’s little brother bird still visits, I’m sure many of you know our labour and bird story and if not and you’d like to hear please let me know. I LOVE sharing our birth story 🙂

We left for school at 7:50, Helen eating as fast as she could so she could get back on her bike. Madoc buckled in his seat sporting his custom made Stitch Grahpix Canada hoodie and me hair in the helmet sleep in my eyes. I love riding behind Helen, her arms so perfectly shaped her head held high and her strong legs circling the pedals at lighting speed. Our bike route to school takes about 5 minutes by bike, may be a minute less, and we travel under the road before going up a steep hill that levels out in the forest just before the school. Helen ahead of me was picking up speed to make the hill, she started off strong then slowed down. She tried to get off her bike BUT it started to roll backwards, she tried to stop but the bike slid sideways and she was under it. Her knew was scrapped and bleeding and she needed a mommy hug. She push the bike up to the top of the hill and got back on. When we arrived at school Helen knew where to go for the band aids kept in a little draw just inside the front door. I think the drawer gets filled often 🙂

We said our goodbyes and Madoc and I rode home. We went back to Ikea for a few things and as we were leaving I picked up a bag of meatballs for home. Madoc saw the bag and grabbed it an thrust it to his chest, lifting it off and thrusting it back on again, yelling, “ma! ma! ma!”. It was almost 10:30 and he normally naps at 11:00 so I thought we best have something now. The snacks I packed were not cutting it. We went to the restaurant and they were serving breakfast but we could buy a meatball for 2 SEK each, that would be .28 cents CND. I picked up 8 meatballs and some pickled herring and a bun. Madoc devoured 6 meatballs! He was asleep in the car before we were out of the parking lot!

Normally on a Monday I go to see Susi and have a fantastic workout, I miss Susi and I miss our workouts. Barefit and Pregnant is something I can’t replace, first there is Susi, the brightest light you can imagine that makes getting fit/being fit so enjoyable you’re addicted after one class. And then there are the other women and mamas who workout together, these women are some of the most amazing women I’ve met. I miss Susi and I miss the women of Barefit and Pregnant especially the Hard Core Mamas, hard core to the core!

But today! I had a little piece for my Monday routine and I did a Susi Hard Core Workout and it was fantastic! Madoc was sleeping in his stroller and I ran intervals around the trail in front of our house and did the stationary exercises on our front step or the backyard. Thank you Susi for the workout! I hope you liked my pictures 🙂

We’re entering our third week in Sweden. I still can’t believe we’re here and how much the community has embraced us. I think of home lots and I think about the people who make home home. I miss you. I also have been thinking about Helen how strong she is. Today she said that the Swedish numbers are starting to make sense to her. My heart felt light hearing that. She’s going to be speaking Swedish in no time, she already tells me what to say when we meet someone or a neighbour. Today “Har det bra” was the phrase she helped me with, it means, “Have a good one”.

Har det bra! I love you and thank you for listening.


PS. We rode our cyclars to the mini ICA today for bread, mike and eggs, Helen put the baguette on the trap over her back tire. I couldn’t resist taking the picture. She thought when she was 8 she’d be able to go to the store alone for milk and eggs. I hope this year lasts forever!



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