Posted by: alexiszehr | August 28, 2013

500g of Brown Sugar and Washing Machine repair woman! – 500g farinsocker och tvättmaskin reparation kvinna!



I found it! I found it! Brown Sugar (or yellow sugar) I finally found it! The package is about a third of the size of the bags I would buy in the stores in Vancouver but I’m excited to try a batch of cookies this week. I’ve explored a few more grocery stores and think that it will be like home where you go to a certain store for a certain item. The ICA Maxi is not great for produce but Hempkop has a beautiful fruits and veggies display along with lots of ORGANIC options! I put that in for you DAD! HEE HEE.


We’ve had lots of activity this week with the bikes and exploring the area but there is more! Helen has joined a soccer team, all of her classmates are on the same team as well. I may have mentioned this but the group of girls have a really good energy. A number of the parents and the teachers have commented on how they are not exclusive and all do well as a group without having pairs and threesomes distracting. They are all very kind to Helen and Madoc and I and try hard to speak with us. I really have to beef up on my Swedish phrases so I can say more than the basics. I’m sure that will come.


Our first soccer practice was a fantastic experience and Helen enjoyed the drills and the coach, he’s one of a kind and you can tell he loves what he does. We were welcomed to the team with a group email saying they’re now international with a teammate from Vancouver, Canada. He also commented on the fact that the Sedins play and live in Vancouver. We’ve also had about 5 other emails and two tournament invitations for this weekend and one for the 7th of September. One of the emails reviewed the drills and included YouTube links with videos of the drills for the girls to review. Practices are on Tuesday at 5:15 and games are on the weekend but not every weekend.


We’ve also found a swimming class for Helen and on Sunday we went for a “tryout” to confirm that she’s in the correct class. She loved being back in the pool and looked strong swimming a few laps and jumping & diving off the block. Swimming is on Sunday at 4:30 for an hour, it takes about 10 minutes to drive to the pool and we think there is a bike trail we can take.


Tomorrow we’re going to the stables and Helen is starting her riding, we arrive at 3:30 to tack the horse and the lesson starts at 4:00pm. Emma our neighbour rides at the same stables as well but she’s at 4:45. Its feels like it’s getting busy again but I think it’s good for all of us to have places to go and people to meet.


Our neighbour Emma loaned Helen her roller blades on Sunday and after picking up knee and elbow pads and wrist protectors Helen took her maiden voyage today. She did so well! I was so impressed with her ability to stop and turn and navigate hills and bumps and sidewalk curves. I am impressed with her ability to just take off and go with it. I did suggest we tie a pillow to her bum but she thought that would not be necessary after day one!


Today we heard that our container has not left Canada yet! It was supposed to arrive in Goteborg this week but there were a few delays and we’re still without some of our creature comforts. It will be nice to have my slippers soon and warmer PJ’s as we can feel the weather changing. But I guess there is really nothing we can do but wait and know it will be like an early Christmas opening the boxes and finding the treasures we packed.


Today I certified as a Swedish washing machine repair lady! The machine stopped with an “F11” code on the readout display. I found the manual (the owners left us a fantastic binder with all the home info) and translated the code. I then realized that it was a blocked drain and so I drained the machine, it is a great system, and then opened the drain compartment and found 6 Swedish Kroners (two coins) inside. I removed them (got paid) and started over. The cycle just finished and all is well. Sounds silly but I had a great feeling of accomplishment.


On Friday we’re having some of the families we’ve met over for cake and wine and coffee (fika). I’m going to try to bake my eggless cake tomorrow and see how that goes. Since the container is not here I’ve borrowed a few cake pans and hope everything rises and the cake is moist. Grandma said she was craving an Alexis cake, I wish I could share it with her.


I hope you’ve had a great day and hopefully you’re staying dry, I hear there is rain at home.


I miss you.


Love Alexis


PS. Tomorrow we are opening our Swedish bank account! With our personal numbers we are official and can open an account and access many of the Swedish services.


Swedish Phrases of the day:

Kan jag fa en ol, tack? = Can I get a beer, please?

Grattis pa folelsedagen! = Happy Birthday!


Swedish Words of the day:

Siming – swimming

Springa – running


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