Posted by: alexiszehr | August 29, 2013

H is for Hund and Hast and Helen!

























Today was fantastic! Helen had an amazing first lesson at the riding stable and said it was the best lesson she’s ever had! We won’t tell that to Maynards in Vancouver! Alf was her horse today and after grooming him, picking his hooves and tacking him up she rode in the ring with 8 other riders. I was holding Madoc so she pretty much tacked him up herself, I helped with getting his saddle on and Elizabeth (the lady who helped make sure everyone was ready to go) made some finishing touches. My heart was racing when his ears went straight back when the saddle went on but he quickly changed his tune with Elizabeth came in to position it correctly. I was in awe at Helen’s confidence around Alf and glad we’ve found such a nice place to ride. Honey is her teacher and she said she did really well. Helen would watch the others during the instruction and do her best to follow, Honey would also provide some English instruction.

On the way home and for an hour when we arrived at home Helen talked and talked and talked about buying her horse and setting up a stable. She wondered if the $300 she’s saved would be enough for a pony? I didn’t think so but since she’s waiting until she is 10 before she buys a horse I think she’ll have enough by then….she’ll have to keep saving to pay for the food and vet bills and upkeep.

Today on the way to school we met Molly a Jack Russell Chiwawa hund. She was so sweet and loved the attention we gave her. We really miss Fuzzie and Terra (John and Cheryll’s fur babies who live next door to us). I miss walking in the back door and saying “Hi Fuzz” as he looks through his dog window in the patio fence, what a great dog. I remember when we first moved into 2085 West 45th, Fuzzie would bark and bark at me (that didn’t last long) and now it’s like we have conversations and know each other’s routines.

We hope everyone is having a great Thursday at home.

Miss you and love you.


PS. I made banana muffins today- they worked

PSS. I made two chocolate cakes- they didn’t work. Burnt on the edges raw in the middle- I’ll blame the altitude!

PSSS. At 9pm tonight I had to try again so I made mini cupcakes- they worked! Thank goodness.

Swedish words for the day:

Hund = dog

Hast = horse

Swedish phrase:

Puss och Kram! = Kiss and hug!

Jag Gillar Dig = I like you!

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