Birth Doula Services

Before Your Birth

  • Two meetings in your home to:
     a) Discuss birth plans and preferences
     b) Practice comfort measures and support techniques
  • Referrals to community resources and access to the my personal library of books and DVD’s
  • Help developing birth and postpartum plans
  • Phone and email consultations to discuss pregnancy progress, address questions or concerns and offer suggestions to make pregnancy more comfortable

During Labour and Birth

  • Continuous labour support for you and your partner at your home or hospital once labour has been established
  • Preparation of the birth space (at home or hospital) by providing music, aromatherapy, candlelight and comfort items you request and/or provide
  • Suggestions for, and assistance with positions for labour and birth, comfort measures and pain-coping techniques
  • Provision of birth ball, massage tools, hot packs and comfort items
  • Assistance gathering information needed to make decisions about medical procedures and interventions and/or about progress of your labour
  • Help initiating breastfeeding and bonding
  • Assistance with comfort and personal needs immediately after the birth (e.g. arranging snacks, help with moving to recovery room)

After Your Birth

  • A visit after the birth (at a mutually convenient time) to discuss your birth and admire your baby.
  • Breastfeeding support (any time over the phone or at the postpartum visit)
  • Referrals to local breastfeeding support resources and/or postpartum care, if needed
  • Suggestions for postpartum comfort measures
  • Explanation of newborn characteristics, newborn care and tips for calming a fussy baby
  • Patience and a listening ear

Fee for Birth Doula Services is $795.


  1. Alexis was my doula and a blessing:) at my pregnant and fit class our instructor Suzie higly recommended her. She is amazing just a beautiful human being, just the little personal touches like home baked cookies for my husband, and a personalized neck warmer:) I had a rough labour and Alexis was there every step of the way guiding and coaching. I developed a fever and she would put cold compresses on my forward. she noticed my husband was tired and hungry she picked up a snack for him. I can’t say enough amazing things about her. And when our beautiful son was born she promised she would tell my parents right away and she ran out into the waiting room to announce it to them full of tears and joy as if its hers. I think she’s truly an amazing woman and if you get the pleasure of having her as your doula you will be truly in awe of the things she would do. She is truly priceless:)

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