Posted by: alexiszehr | August 24, 2013

cyklar! cyklar!


What a day! We got our cyklar! And we LOVE them! We were so excited we rode home from the bike store (we couldn’t fit them in the car anyway J) and then we had a quick lunch and went out again for another ride/run. And after dinner Helen and Bryan went AGAIN! The trail system is FANTASTIC and we are so excited to explore more. We know the rain will come one day but with our fancy fenders we’ll still be able to ride…and don rain gear of course. My bike is a traditional ladies bike and I love it. It has a lock built in on the back tire, with a headlight and the nicest chain guard I’ve seen. It was also my Birthday present from Bryan, Helen and Madoc and will forever remind me of Sweden. Madoc loves being on the back too and he also likes to push on my but with his feet. I guess I must have been going fast since his eyes were watering. Actually, I should get him some goggles or glasses to protect his wee peepers.

On our ride after lunch we went to the sea, the area we saw from the hike we went on last Sunday. It was beautiful and I love the picture of Bryan and the kids on the rock. I know you’ll love exploring this area when you come to see us!!!!!

We were craving salmon so I picked up a piece from the store in a package, it was similar to the ones we’ve had before. I didn’t realized that it was in a brine, it was tasty but very salty…oh dear. I knew I should have checked out the google translator but we were on the verge of hangry (hungry and angry at the same time – hungrig arg på samma gang) so we pick up, paid and ran. The kids liked it, especially Madoc but I think I’ll get the plain from now on. I am still on the hunt for sauerkraut, I will find it soon I hope.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to make scones and on Friday I’m going to bake a cake. I bought cocoa today and some berry sugar, the regular sugar is very coarse. We are off to our neighbours for lunch and then we hope to visit the swimming pool to see if we can register Helen.

Grandma called me tonight, it made my day! To hear her voice to know that she too is craving an Alexis chocolate cake, I miss her, oh I miss her. We met another one of our neighbours, she is 92 years old and speaks only a little English. I am glad she lives so close I can see her front door from my kitchen window. I miss my Grandma.

We’re having a movie with Helen and Madoc is asleep.

Love you and miss you.


PS. There is a Swedish Tire! Like Canadian Tire, or at least the store smells like Canadian Tire (you know that smell of plastic and paint and toxic yucky all over?!). It’s called Biltema, and I have a feeling they don’t have Swedish Tire Money.

Swedish Word & Phrase of the Day.

Bike = Cyklar

Would you like to bike to the sea? = Vill du cykla till havet?

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